About Us

                         WHAT IS SWAHILIPRIME?

Swahiliprime offers video-based courses and movie streaming in the Swahili language . No matter where our learners currently reside, they can rely on our app for all their language- and culture- learning needs. While we wish to especially help Swahili speakers living in other countries retain their knowledge of Swahili, we also welcome learners who have no experience speaking or writing in the language as well.

This app offers several videos for new and experienced Swahili speakers who want to speak and write in the Swahili language.

As for our movie streaming, learners can pick from dozens of movies in the Swahili language and use what they know about the language to make out and learn what they can by watching the film of their choice. It's the perfect way to immerse themselves into the culture and language they may or may not have had the opportunity to grow up around.

No matter what type of learner you are, Swahiliprime offers the perfect digital platform for you to turn to, to learn Swahili in ways that are visual, text-based, and aural to get the best language learning experience all around. We take pride in offering a self-paced, on-your-own-time way to learn and refresh your Swahili whether you're on the go, sitting on the couch at home, or waiting at the doctor's office. Language learning on your own terms is the way to go!

                             WHY SWAHILI PRIME?

  • We are accessible anywhere, anytime via mobile devices, MAC, PC, Roku, and more.
  • Our language courses are carefully taught and crafted by certified language experts.
  • Our movies have been produced by local film makers in real-life situations, genuine environments, and offer authentic stories, which educate and inspire.
  • You can watch us any time and anywhere from the device of your comfort.
  • We aim to support local talents by licensing their content, produced in their own language.
  • There is no better opportunity than learning a language while watching movies.

                                  HOW IT WORKS

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