About Us

                         WHAT IS SWAHILIPRIME?

Swahiliprime is a platform for learning languages through video-based courses and streaming foreign movies.
Our main objective is to provide a platform where people living abroad can watch content created from their homeland and also learn other foreign languages in the process.

We strive to help rebuild communities while offering a platform that helps people learn their mother language regardless of the country they currently reside in and also assist people in learning other languages of their choice, all at their own convenience.

The program intends to educate and enlighten learners, so they can retain their home language while having fun at the same time.

The idea of starting this platform came after I discovered that many immigrant children have difficulties in learning/speaking their mother language while growing up in a foreign country.They face a language barrier, especially when they visit their motherland.Not to mention, immigrants also miss and/or forget their roots.

So, with swahiliprime, we created this platform to try resolve these many issues.

At this time, we will focus on teaching the Swahili language and streaming Swahili movies to the public. 
Unlike many sources, we have access to such content and are in the process of licensing other content from other countries.                                          

                             WHY SWAHILI PRIME?

  • We are accessible anywhere, anytime via mobile devices, MAC, PC, Roku, and more.
  • Our language courses are carefully taught and crafted by certified language experts.
  • Our movies have been produced by local film makers in real-life situations, genuine environments, and offer authentic stories, which educate and inspire.
  • You can watch us any time and anywhere from the device of your comfort.
  • We aim to support local talents by licensing their content, produced in their own language.
  • There is no better opportunity than learning a language while watching movies.

                                  HOW IT WORKS

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