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Mama Zuri,USA

Mama Zuri,USA

"Amka twende shule"

"swahili for kids" is the best course for my 2 year old daughter. She loves Nyota and sings along "amka twende shule"! As a mother, I recommend  this course for your children and for yourself choose "cooking in swahili" - Thank me later! Mama Zuri


Jambo Rafiki

At first, learning swahili for me was daunting as i didn't know where and how to start ,but when I found the video courses on swahiliprime, i found myself not just learning but also entertained.
Sway Steward, USA

Sway Steward, USA

"Feel more connected to our African ancestry"

We believe it will bring us closer together and help us feel more connected to our African ancestry. Plus, we want to visit my family in Kenya, and knowing the language will help!

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